Import VAT assumption

Be one of the privileged companies who pay the import VAT to the TAX Office only after they sold the goods which were imported from outside the Union

The method is permitted under section 156 of the VAT Act.

It is a huge burden for most importing companies to have to pay VAT on third country imports at customs before their revenue can come from sales. This procedure causes serious liquidity difficulties for many companies. It is now completely unnecessary, as there is a legal way to avoid this procedure.

Our partners welcome the fact that their savings are increasing.

Savings balance of the last 6 months:


Saved import VAT

How to keep VAT on imported goods until sale in compliance with all laws?

Although very few still know about it, there is a solution to the above problem.

The largest international freight forwarders have been using this option for a long time, but they only offer it to their clients who use their full freight and customs clearance services.

Today, you are no longer required to pay VAT in advance.

When our customers first hear about this opportunity, they don’t want to believe that they can really legally get rid of this huge burden. And it really is. Of course, the payment of VAT is obligatory for everyone, but in cooperation with our company, you do not have to pay when import it, but after selling the goods.

Wouldn’t it be a thousand times easier for you and your company to live with this solution?

How can you use this gap-filling service?

3 quick and easy steps and VAT stays with you until the sale:

  1. Visit our company and ask!
  2. When concluding the first contract, we carry out a preliminary inspection, as by providing the procedure, our company also becomes responsible for the customs activities of your company. This is no longer necessary when concluding further contracts.
  3. We make a preliminary calculation at customs clearance and, after the VAT return, issue a certificate of payment of VAT, with which you can prove to the authorities that you acted lawfully when you did not pay VAT in advance on importation of the import goods.

What are the costs of this option?

  • Of course, the duty must be paid immediately in all cases.
  • The customs clearance cost of our company is very favorable, as you only have to pay 3% of the VAT, ie HUF 30 thousand per HUF 1 million, plus the cost of customs clearance: 100 EUR (one line item normal customs clearance fee for goods)

Believe your eyes, from now on you can be one of the privileged companies!

Why it is worth it to you too get a contract with Rosas Kft in addition to the above benefits?

  • Our company is a reliable, 100% Hungarian-owned company.
  • We have been operating since 1998. Initially as a Bt, then from 2004 as an Ltd.
  • We have all the obtainable licenses that exist in Hungary in connection with customs.
  • We combine reliability with flexibility. We are also available on weekends, we can clear customs 24 hours a day, even outside the opening hours of NAV.
  • Our staff are all excellent professionals who have been working with us for a long time. Surprisingly, we have no fluctuation.

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