About us


The key to the success of our company lies in the individual success of our employees.

Our Mission

In harmonious cooperation with our subcontractors and colleagues, we strive to fulfill the orders and requests of our customers as required. We take extra care to ensure that our activities comply with current legal regulations and we are also proud of our high-level ethical culture. We approach our partners with open and honest communication. We treat their challenges as our own, and our main goal is to impress them with our professionalism, efficiency and people-centeredness.

Our Vision

Our goal is for the ROSAS group of companies to continue to be mentioned alongside other elite companies based on the quality of our services. We are building our common future efficiently and purposefully beyond the walls of our company with dedication and tireless diligence towards our development. We work to ensure that the ROSAS group of companies remains a dynamically developing and stable organization, preserving its core values for generations to come, providing security for both its employees and business partners, even centuries later.

Today we lay the building blocks of Tomorrow

Our Core Values

Every member of our team is characterized by a desire for continuous improvement

We strive to continuously expand our professional knowledge, which helps us achieve high-quality work. We voluntarily reach out for new tasks, which we experience as opportunities for exploration in order to improve our expertise and become better professionally. We constantly focus on the best practices and solutions, confidently seek and willingly provide assistance. Our colleagues can count on each other’s support.

Our strongest bond with the company is loyalty

In all cases, we strive for honest communication, and we expect this from others as well. We believe that this is the basis for the development of mutual trust, which is a prerequisite for success. We do our work with humility. With our everyday work, we proudly contribute to the realization of the company group’s vision, as success is the result of the outstanding work of all of us.

We Believe in Working Together Towards a Solution

We listen to the opinions of others with an open mind and patience, while actively collaborating with our firm stance and actions. Our goal is to establish and maintain harmony, which is the basis for successful teamwork.

How We Approach Work

Our goal is precise and accurate work. It is important for us to work according to our skills, abilities and knowledge. Each of our colleagues should be able to make independent decisions within their own jurisdiction. Our ambition is to understand and comprehend these impacts, as we believe this is the basis of our development. We learn from our mistakes and draw strength from our results.

Everyone Here is Charming

Our open and positive personality is also reflected in our aura. We love people and the world, and our joyful behavior energizes and fills up those around us. We always behave politely and considerately towards each other and our partners.

The Evidence of Our Maturity

We keep the sanctity of our personal lives and our professional activities separate, and we handle them appropriately, ensuring a perfect balance and peace in our lives. This is how we achieve outstanding work results and ensure a loving family background.

Company details

Address: ROSAS Logisztikai KFT.
Ócsai street 4/b Budapest HU-1239
HU AEOC17000071000001439
VAT number: 13315452-2-44
EU VAT number: HU13315452
VPID-EORI number: HU0000613411
Company registration number: Cg. 01-09-728974
Bank accounts – K&H Bank: 
Bank account – HUF: 10400188-50526783-80721011
Bank account – EUR: 10400188-50526783-80721028
Bank account – USD: 10400188-50526783-80721035
Customs bank account: 1040 0188 5052 6783 8072 1004